They didn’t die. They left.

64.9 million years ago, the earth was ruled by dinosaurs — a species far more advanced than their fossil record would ever reveal. Leveraging the power of lava as their primary fuel source, the dinosaurs’ civilization grew unchecked for millions of years. That is, until the BLACK BLOOD ARRIVED.


With the power to not only consume, but control any living organism, the Black Blood quickly swept the Earth’s surface, driving the dinosaurs into retreat, and eventually, forcing them to vacate the planet altogether.



And so began Operation REXODUS – the departure of the Earth’s original Kings. Climbing aboard a fleet of magma-driven ships, the last surviving dinosaurs struck out across the stars, there to settle a brand new world. A brand new planet. Never to return back home. (Or so they thought).


64.9 minutes from now, career paleontologist (and human) Robert Dixon will make an earth-shattering discovery. A discovery that will not only rock the foundations of modern science, but bring the worlds of both human and dinosaur crashing back together with a vengeance.


REXODUS tells the story of how teenager Amber Dixon and young dinosaur Kelvin Sauridian are thrown together into a world and a future neither understand.


Suddenly rescued from the Black Blood by a ship not of this earth, they bond over the shared loss of their fathers and band together to survive a trip aboard the spaceship Scavenger – piloted by a suspicious and motley crew of dinosaurs led by Kelvin’s instant rival Master Sergeant Tork. Their arrival (and very existence) wreaks havoc on the already volatile and dangerous planet of Terros Secundus. The survival of the Black Blood, the rediscovery of Earth and the revelation of Kelvin’s esteemed heritage all converge to put the Dinosaur and the Human race on a collision course. Kelvin and Amber must work together to attempt to defeat a common enemy. Otherwise, both of their species risk extinction.