A female in a male-dominated galaxy, Cinder has learned to work the system – using her uncommon gift for charm and communication to stay ahead of the game. Whether struggling against the fierce patriarchy of the DiSaurian Republic, or simply enduring the clumsy courtship initiations of her crew mates, Cinder suffers the world around her with patience, grace, and a mouth full of green, corrosive toxin. (Poison is a girlʼs best friend) Her familial bond with Thud is what keeps her sane – the only male in her life that loves and protects her, while expecting nothing at all in return (except candy). Thud is also her first line of defense against a string of unwanted and overbearing of suitors – including, but not limited to, Master Sergeant Tork. At the end of the day, Cinder may not be the biggest, but she is definitely the most mature – able to provide the voice of reason in any situation.