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Rexodus is the creation of the Steelehouse Productions creative development team under the leadership of Executive Creative/Executive Producer Mark Steele and Executive Producer Kevin Anderson. The story is based on original concepts by Eric Lee & Paul Wizikowski.  

Steelehouse is a creative-driven media studio providing creative, film production, motion design, animation, and post production services to entertainment studios, advertising agencies and corporations worldwide. 

Writer James Farr brought his creative genius to the first volume of Rexodus, developing the story with Steele, Anderson, Lee, and Wizikowski.  Sean “Cheeks” Galloway was commissioned to create the original character designs and artist Jon Sommariva realized those designs penciling the first volume of Rexodus. 


Mark Steele

MARK STEELE is Executive Producer of Rexodus and Executive Creative of Steelehouse Productions where he has been writing, directing, and producing award-winning film, stage, and animation for 20 years.


Kevin Anderson

KEVIN ANDERSON is Executive Producer of Rexodus and the Executive Producer at Steelehouse Productions where he produces media for film, television, and advertising worldwide.


Eric Lee

ERIC LEE is the Co-Creator of Rexodus as well as Lead Animator at Steelehouse Productions where he leads a team of artists through virtually every stage of the animation process. 


Paul Wizikowski

PAUL WIZIKOWSKI is Co-Creator of Rexodus and President of Wizski IP where he produces and develops story and media for the masses. 


James Farr

JAMES FARR is the writer of the original Rexodus story arc. He has written and developed comics, television, features and other oddities for Hasbro, TokyoPop, Dreamworks, Studio B, and New Line Cinema.

Jon Image

Jon Sommariva

Artist Jon Sommariva penciled the first book for Rexodus. He is a comic book artist and illustrator from Sydney, Australia. He has been working as a professional artist for the past 13 years and has been published by Image Comics, DC Comics, Darkhorse Comics, IDW as well as Disney. He loves to draw, and we mean draw A LOT!